CMS & New Power - 100KM Road Training on Sunday:28/2/06
Dear all cycling fans,

CMS and New Power Cycling Team would like to invite all cycling fans to join the 100 KM roadendurance training with medium intensity, which will be held on every Sunday morning. All road bike cyclists with road riding experience are welcome.

You will benefit on knowing how to ride in a group, the tactis on racing and to know someone who just love to ride their bikes like you and me. Experienced riders will be riding along and will not hesitate to share their experience with you. We are aim to raise the level of local cyclists and to invite those competent young riders to joint the training camp program which organized by HKCA/HKSI.

I know it’s quite sleepy in such earlier morning but here comes an golden opportunity to build up your form. Don’t miss it, join now!


Route & Approximate Arrival Time:

0600hrs Tai Po(YuenChauTsaiPark) Cycle Path Entrance Start >Tai Po Rd> Chinese U > Race Course > Rowing Centre >Yuen Wo Rd>
New TownPlaza

0640hrs Tai Wai(Tai Po Rd) Caltex Petrol Station >KamShanCountryPark> Ching Cheung Rd>Wu Tip KukInterchange >Castle Peak Rd >
Tai Chung Rd

0700hrs Tsuen Wan (Hoi Hing Rd) > Hoi On Rd >Castle Peak Rd> Ting Kau > Sham Tseng > Tai Siu Lam > Gold Coast

0740hrs Tuen Mun(Sam Shing Hui) Entrance > Castle Peak Rd > Lingnan U > Lam Tei > Hung Shui Kiu > Ping Shan

0800hrs Yuen Long (Shui Pin Wai) Interchange> Wang Tat Rd> Long Yip Rd> SunYuenLongPlaza > Au Tau Interchange>Castle Peak Rd> FairviewParkEntry > Kwu Tung Rd

0830hrs Sheung Shui (Fan Kam Rd) Entry >NorthDistrictHospital>Pak Wo Rd > Kai Leng >Ma Sik Rd> Luen Wo Hui > ShaTau Kok Rd>Luk Keng Rd

0900hrs Luk Keng (Fat Kee Fast Food) 30 Mins. Rest > Bride’s Pool Rd > Tai Mei Tuk > Ting Kok Rd > Tai Po -- Dismiss



  • The average speed was around 30km/h but will be varied over different terrion. The arrival time mentioned above of each check point is for reference only.
  • All club members or individual are welcome to join, the trip would be non-stop, please be well prepared before you join.
  • All riders must strictly follow the traffic rules, riders have to bear their own risk in violation.
  • Training would be cancelled on racing day, or the day with stormy weather, or the day with rainstorm warnings signal, or the day with tropical cyclones signal number 3 or above.
  • Please bring with your own equipments, like helmet, water, food, spare tyres, tools and dress appropriately.
  • If you found any illness or discomfort during the trip, it’s advised to take a rest and abandon .
  • Only who those with road riding experience are advised to join.
  • Riders have to bear their own responsibilities in any accidents caused.

Best Regards,
Christ Hong
CMS Team Member

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